HAProxy User
Spotlight Series

Organizations around the world use HAProxy to achieve the utmost performance, observability and security. Here are presentations from our users.


Modernizing LinkedIn’s Traffic Stack

Rapid changes in the ecosystem forced LinkedIn to revisit its traffic stack. After an extensive evaluation process, HAProxy came out as a winner. See why.

High Availability | Performance

Was That Really HAProxy?

Learn about the challenges faced when using HAProxy in SingularCDN's CDN stack for Brazil, including handling high traffic and resolving issues with developers.


Boost Your Web Apps with HAProxy & Varnish

Learn how to improve your web apps with HAProxy and Varnish in this presentation. Explore load balancing, caching, and high availability with Jeremy Lecour.

Observability | Performance

Automating HAProxy using Ansible over AWS

Learn how to automate HAProxy using Ansible on AWS for efficient and cost-effective management. Discover the power of Ansible playbooks and dynamic inventory.

High Availability | Management

QUIC Implementation in HAProxy

Discover the power of QUIC/HTTP3 protocols in HAProxy. Learn about configuring and what expectations you should have for the next release.


Enabling SD-WAN Operations Using HAProxy

Discover the benefits of using HAProxy in your SD-WAN operations for improved security, high availability, and better OAM services. Read now to learn more.

High Availability | Security

HAProxy as Egress Controller

Julien Pivotto explains how Inuits uses HAProxy in an unconventional way: as a forward proxy to route outgoing traffic. Don't miss this unique use case.


HAProxy Load Balancing at Vimeo

In this presentation, Andrew Rodland describes the unique challenges of scaling Vimeo’s video hosting platform.

Extensibility | Scalability

HAProxy: Pillar of Security at BankSITE

BankSITE Services uses HAProxy Enterprise to mitigate Web Attacks against our network of Bank websites. Learn how in this HAProxyConf2021 talk.

Security | High Availability

Load Balancers at DigitalOcean

In this presentation, Neal Shrader describes how DigitalOcean leverages HAProxy to power several key components within its infrastructure. First...

Management | Performance

Inside the GitHub Load Balancer

In this presentation, Joe Williams describes the architecture of the GitHub Load Balancer (GLB). GitHub built a resilient custom solution on top of HAProxy to...

High Availability | Observability

HAProxy Go Packages Ecosystem

Marko Juraga describes how HAProxy Data Plane API & the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller libraries are developed and invites you to use them yourself.

Extensibility | Management

HAProxy Process Management

This talk briefly reviews the history of process management in HAProxy, and the CLI commands introduced through the evolution of the architecture.


HAProxy: Still Modern After 20 Years

Baptiste Assmann opened HAProxyConf 2021 with his keynote, in which he explained the HAProxy design philosophy and how we’ve kept HAProxy modern for 20 years.


The HAProxy Open Source Ecosystem

Andjelko Iharos spoke about benefits of improved interoperability & extensibility in HAProxy open-source projects, leading to increased community engagement.


RTL’s Journey to Kubernetes with HAProxy

In this presentation, Vincent Gallissot from M6 describes how his company leveraged HAProxy to migrate their legacy application to the cloud and Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Ingress | Scalability

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