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As web applications and their associated APIs become the increasing target of online attacks, their protection becomes paramount. To ensure their security, take advantage of one of the most secure web application firewalls on the market with the HAProxy Enterprise WAF.

What’s a Web Application Firewall?

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Recent investigations into online security threats suggest that more than 50% of network breaches today come via sophisticated attacks exploiting weaknesses in APIs and web application servers, with the number rising every year. To defend against threats like these, a high performance Web Application Firewall is necessary.

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With one of the most rigorous constructions on the market, the HAProxy Enterprise WAF, shipping natively with all of our products, is also perfectly placed at the proxy layer, rather than a web server layer, weeding out attacks before they get any farther.

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A powerful, highly-customized firewall offering both positive and negative security modes, the HAProxy Enterprise WAF means the highest level of protection against techniques such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and Local File Inclusion. Enabling you to fight back against malicious clients seeking to exploit cracks in your APIs and web applications.

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HAProxy Enterprise WAF

First Class Protection for Your Web Apps and APIs

The world of menaces threatening your APIs and web applications is sophisticated, and ever growing. The HAProxy Enterprise WAF, your principal line of defense against such attacks, offers several customizable modes to inspect requests for malicious payloads, allowing you to stop threats in their tracks before they reach your web applications or APIs. Read on to discover how our WAF, native to all of our enterprise offerings, can bolster the defense of your system.

Robust and accurate security


  • Intelligent WAF Engine

  • High Balanced Accuracy

  • OWASP Core Rule Set Compatibility

HAProxy Enterprise WAF uses our new Intelligent WAF Engine, based on HAProxy Technologies’ security expertise, data science, and large real-world datasets, to provide exceptional threat identification performance that virtually eliminates false negatives and false positives. The non-signature-based detection system is capable of blocking emerging and zero-day threats, reducing the risks of security breaches and downtime.

This means more accurate threat detection for stronger security, with a true-positive rate of 99.606%, a true-negative rate of 97.446%, and a resulting balanced accuracy rate of 98.526% (based on open source WAF benchmark data).

HAProxy Enterprise WAF optionally allows customers to use the industry-standard OWASP Core Rule Set (CRS) compatibility mode to maximize compatibility and transparency where needed. The power of the Intelligent WAF Engine means a low false-positive rate of 1.78% at paranoia level 2 (compared with 28.356% for the ModSecurity WAF at the same paranoia level) resulting in reduced noise and a better user experience.

High performance, low impact


  • Low Latency

  • Low Resource Use

A WAF with slow or inefficient performance can add latency to each request, affecting the user experience, and increasing resource use and operational costs. Higher latency and long page-load times can significantly increase exit rates and abandonment, costing businesses (such as e-commerce) revenue.

HAProxy Enterprise WAF powered by the Intelligent WAF Engine provides ultra-low latency threat detection and traffic filtering while keeping resource use and operational costs low. Below measurable thresholds, this latency has virtually zero impact on legitimate traffic compared with having no WAF at all.

When using the OWASP CRS compatibility mode, customers also benefit from significantly lower latency and higher throughput when compared with the ModSecurity WAF, reducing impacts on application performance and user experience.

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Simple security management


  • Out-Of-The-Box Protection

  • Centralized Management and Monitoring

  • Support

A WAF that's complex to manage increases maintenance and integration costs and increases the risk of mistakes caused by human error. This can increase the time to ROI on infrastructure investment. HAProxy Enterprise WAF powered by the Intelligent WAF Engine is simple to set up and manage with out-of-the-box behavior suitable for most deployments without the challenges of writing and maintaining complex rules.

Centralized management and monitoring with HAProxy Fusion makes it simple to ensure consistent, compliant, and effective security. And with HAProxy Technologies’ authoritative support and security expertise on hand, customers can have confidence their applications and APIs are secure and instead focus on running their businesses.


The HAProxy Guide to Multi-Layered Security

The HAProxy Guide to Multi-Layered Security

HAProxy Technologies is the company behind HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. HAProxy products are used by thousands of companies around the world to deliver applications and websites with the utmost in performance, reliability and security. This ebook provides a comprehensive overview for HAProxy’s extensive security capabilities needed to protect your infrastructure in today’s increasingly complex security threat landscape.

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