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With the work we do here every day at HAProxy we aim to set the standards for performance, high availability and secure application delivery.

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The HAProxy load balancer powers the uptime of organizations with even the largest traffic demands, giving them the confidence to deliver websites and applications at any scale and in any environment. We’re committed to open-source. We believe that building strong communities, both internally and externally, fosters better creativity and innovation. We’re all about collaboration, solving complex problems, and learning from one another. Come help us balance our team.

Our employees love talking about us. Read some of their stories!


I joined HAProxy Technologies in 2011, when HAProxy 1.4 was the stable version in Community! What a journey since then: the emergence of software load-balancing market, cloud use cases, API driven automation, etc…

The team here helped me become the expert I am today on this product, which led me to my current position. What I appreciate the most is being involved with both cutting edge use cases as well as critical customers and partners.

What excites me the most is knowing that with each day here I’ll learn something new, and as the cherry on the cake, the company allows employees to have a good balance between professional and private life.

Baptiste Assmann, Director of Product


Working in the HAProxy Technologies Sales department has been a superbly rewarding experience for me. The team is great, the offices around the world are ready to take you in and the names you’ll be working with are some of the largest companies in the world. Not to mention that you’ll be working for the leading company in Application Delivery, so click that Submit button and join the team.

Selma Madžak, Account Executive


Working at HAProxy Technologies has been an incredible journey so far. I believe that the story is just picking up from here on out. It’s great to work with such a phenomenal team and I get the opportunity to teach others about an amazing, open-source product.

Nick Ramirez, Director of Product Marketing

And this is where we are

Headquartered in Newton, MA, HAProxy Technologies has offices in the US and Europe. We support our enterprise customers and partners across the globe! Our teams use any and all manner of communication to share news and ideas including email, phones, Slack, emojis, and bad movie references.

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We laugh and celebrate together (birthdays, weddings, babies, puppies, name it – we have it 🙂 ). We learn from each other, respect each other and value each other’s opinions. We are dedicated to giving you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Collaboration and teamwork is what we thrive on.

Here is what we build

It’s no secret that HAProxy is one of the most widely used open-source load balancers. We give back to our tech community in more ways than one, including presenting at conferences, organizing meetups, writing better documentation, and hosting live Q&As.

Take a peek at our HAProxy source code as well as our in-house open-sourced modules.
Find new and exciting ways of using HAProxy by going through our blog.

Read use cases from companies that are using HAProxy.
Join in the conversation on our public Slack and community mailing list.

If you want more, read up on the creator of HAProxy, Willy Tarreau. He’s still an active Linux kernel maintainer. Either way, you’re heading into an open-source-first type of company.


And we love talking about it

We love talking about HAProxy, so we encourage our team members to participate and share their knowledge of HAProxy on big conferences and local meetups alike.

We are sponsors of conferences in all parts of the world, so our employees get the chance to network and explore the tech world within different cultures.

We believe that learning should be an integral part of every job experience and we continuously aim to support every member of our team in their learning journey through dialogue, knowledge exchange and an open-door policy when it comes to questions and curiosity.

Got a flair for writing or teaching with social media? We encourage our employees to get involved in sharing knowledge through many different company platforms.

This is how you can become a part of our growing team

As with any workplace, your best bet to find out if we’re a perfect match is to apply for one of our open positions and to visit us in one of our global offices. Simply click on the position that you’re a perfect fit for and enter your details. A world of innovation awaits you.

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