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Certified Integrations

Work with the authoritative experts to ensure that our joint products integrate seamlessly and deliver exceptional value to customers.

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HAProxy Technologies Certified

HAProxy Technologies Certified Integrations make it easy to expand the capabilities of our product suite with best-of-breed integrations delivered by partners. It also streamlines the process for potential partners by providing both a clear path to certification and validation that the integration is fully supported end-to-end. Integrations are carefully designed with the help of each partner to ensure the highest levels of performance.

HAProxy Technologies Certification is only available to HAProxy Technologies Partners.

Certified Integrations

Advantages of Creating a Certified Integration

Get Certified

HAProxy Technologies Certification is a stamp of approval that tells customers that your integration has been validated and is fully supported end-to-end.

Maximize Visibility

We offer a number of joint awareness and demand generation programs to ensure that your certified products get noticed.

Become Empowered

Receive access to the latest HAProxy Technologies products for your development, testing and certification needs.

Access Technical Expertise

Improve the quality of your integration and accelerate the certification process with access to our authoritative technical and support resources.