Load balancing & routing solutions for any Kubernetes deployment

HAProxy delivers intelligent external load balancing, multi-cluster routing, and high-performance ingress for K8s applications. These functions leverage our simplified service discovery using HAProxy Fusion and the Kubernetes API. Retrieve pod IP addresses and active services in a snap, then auto-generate configurations dynamically.

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Intelligent External Load Balancing

HAProxy brings external load balancing to on-premises K8s, rivaling the simplicity of similar public cloud setups. 

Powered by HAProxy Fusion Control Plane, you'll enjoy deep management, monitoring, and automation for your K8s-ready HAProxy Enterprise instances. HAProxy Fusion connects directly to the Kubernetes API—letting you easily update all your load balancer clusters inside or outside of your cluster.  

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Flexible Multi-Cluster Routing

HAProxy lets you split your application traffic between clusters and leverage K8s' flexibility. Enjoy high availability, even if your applications live in different clouds or regions. Plus, you can run your load balancers in three different modes: active/active, active/passive, and multi-region.

HAProxy multi-cluster routing supports three primary use cases: 

multiple-simultaneous-clusters-icon Multiple simultaneous clusters
Enable high-performance load balancing for your K8s clusters within one or many regions.
blue-or-green-deployments-icon A/B & blue/green deployments
Gradually transition your traffic between application environments. Boost uptime and enable rollback as needed.
multi-region-failover-icon Multi-region failover
Send traffic from a downed pod to working pods in another global location to prevent downtime.

HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller

The HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller is built to supercharge your Kubernetes environment by adding advanced TCP and HTTP routing that connects clients outside your Kubernetes cluster with containers inside. Built upon HAProxy Enterprise, this adds an important layer of security via the integrated Web Application Firewall. HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller is backed by our authoritative expert technical support.

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Purpose-Built for Kubernetes Ingress

Kubernetes presents a limited number of ways to connect your external clients to your containerized applications. An ingress controller solves this problem, acting as a proxy inside the cluster and mapping incoming requests to multiple services, reducing complexity. HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller is the answer for users who need supplemental security and ingress for a public cloud external load balancer setup.

HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller offers the following benefits:

Industry-leading performance
Combining the market's highest average requests per second with the lowest latency and CPU usage, Ingress Controller delivers accelerated performance for containerized applications.
High scalability & cost savings
With the ability to handle tens of thousands of requests per second on one instance, Ingress Controller supports your most demanding applications without breaking the bank.
WAF included
Transparent and industry-standard security for your Kubernetes applications with our OWASP Core Rule Set (CRS) compatible WAF without an extra subscription.
K8s API integration
Bring advanced traffic routing and dynamic provisioning to your infrastructure with the Ingress API and evolving Gateway API. Our robust support for CRDs is critical in maintaining stability and compatibility across various deployments within the Kubernetes ecosystem, ensuring that different team updates do not disrupt overall cluster functionality.
haproxy kubernetes icon

Get HAProxy’s legendary performance, with battle-hardened code capable of routing many types of traffic, optimized to handle the most demanding workloads.

Secure your cluster with built-in TLS termination, rate limiting, IP whitelisting, and rootless container support.

Balance traffic across pods using any of HAProxy’s load-balancing algorithms, including round-robin, least connections, URL hash, and random. The HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller also supports multiple protocols, including HTTP and QUIC, ensuring efficient handling of diverse network traffic.

Avoid problems early with superior Layer 7 observability out of the box. Verbose logging and statistics give insight into the health of your pods, current request rates, response times, and errors.

Experience better throughput with HAProxy’s traffic overload protection. Backend servers won’t receive more requests than they’re able to handle.

HAProxy in Kubernetes

This eBook serves as a comprehensive overview for the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller, helping you get off on the right foot towards high-performance traffic routing.

With more than 70 pages, our eBook is packed with hands-on tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

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