Easy Avi Migration

Enabling worry-free application delivery

Migrate from VMware Avi Advanced Load Balancer (formerly Avi Vantage Platform) to HAProxy to greatly reduce infrastructure costs, win back control over your cloud deployments, and enjoy unwavering product support.

  • Efficient Performance at Multi-Cloud Scale

  • Platform-Agnostic Without Lock-In

  • Collaborative Support & Vibrant Community


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We’ll walk through your existing infrastructure, evaluate your deployment, create a customized migration plan, and finish up with optimization suggestions.

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Want to explore HAProxy’s unique advantages?

Learn how a fast and flexible load balancer can empower your business while optimizing costs.

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Want a first-class customer experience?

We value every HAProxy customer. Give your applications a boost with consultative support and user-driven product development.


Concerned about rising load balancing costs?

HAProxy offers stable pricing and unmatched performance per dollar. We’ll help you scale and optimize so you only purchase the instances you need.


Worried about vendor lock-in?

HAProxy loves multi-cloud. Leverage our platform-agnostic architecture, rich integration support, and open source community ecosystem.


What are people saying?

Our G2 category leadership and passionate customer community recognize HAProxy's incredible performance and support.


Proudly independent and user-centric

Independently owned for over 20 years, we owe our success to our user community. And we've always been committed to putting customers first—with no plans on stopping. Migrate from Avi Networks and VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer to directly shape HAProxy's product pipeline, contribute open-source code, and make your voice heard.  

Great Product and Excellent Support

And, as if the development teams and large helpful community weren't enough, the HAPEE (HAProxy Enterprise Edition) offering includes a pile of additional modules that take an already-amazing product, and crank it to 11. Furthermore, it's backed by a phenomenal team of people. Everyone that I've worked with, from Sales and Marketing to Engineering and Support, have been extremely personable, very quick to respond, and always willing to bend over backwards to help us as customers.

Mid-Market Company / 51-1000 Employees

By migrating to HAProxy, DoubleVerify reduced its costs by 90%. HAProxy also provided them with horizontal scalability, increased performance, and network-wide observability.

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Migrate to unlock HAProxy’s powerful core features

High-performance load balancing & API gateway

HAProxy is the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. Leverage powerful application acceleration features such as SSL/TLS offloading, caching, compression, and more.

First-class observability

Improve reliability and simplify troubleshooting using automated health checks, detailed logging, portable data, and centralized monitoring via HAProxy Fusion Control Plane.

Multi-layered security

Security measures including our enterprise-grade WAF, Global Profiling Engine, and Global Rate Limiting provide high performance, low latency protection for applications and APIs against today's biggest threats.

Intelligent automation

Automate HAProxy for effortless and consistent app delivery at scale. Harness open REST APIs, SSL/TLS certificate management, service discovery, infrastructure integrations, and centralized management.

HAProxy Is Used by Leading Companies

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How to Migrate From VMware Avi Load Balancer to HAProxy

  • An introduction to HAProxy and the reasons to migrate from VMware Avi Load Balancer

  • How HAProxy helps customers through every step of the migration process

  • How to convert your VMware Avi Load Balancer configuration to HAProxy

  • How HAProxy scales without performance or affordability constraints

Explore HAProxy’s Potential

Take the first step towards enhanced performance, reliability, and customization by learning how HAProxy fits your use case.


Resources at your fingertips

HAProxy offers an extensive knowledge base and comprehensive documentation.


Premium Support

Our authoritative experts ensure customers have access to the highest level of 24/7 technical support, ensuring issues see timely resolutions.


Collaborative approach

Our customers love to tell their stories of how HAProxy helped them achieve better performance, security, and observability.