Scalable Load Balancing & Security Made Simple at AWS re:Invent 2023

It seemed like it was only yesterday when we were in Las Vegas for Black Hat USA, but we soon found ourselves back in the vibrant city for AWS re:Invent 2023. This time, we were a gold sponsor for Amazon’s global cloud-computing event, showcasing how HAProxy eliminates the challenges associated with load balancing large-scale deployments on AWS.

While our booth was brimming with attendees on the show floor, we also took to the stage with our Lightning Talk, “Scalable load balancing and security made simple on AWS.” 

In this presentation, Jakub Suchy, Director of Sales Engineering at HAProxy Technologies, highlighted the challenges that arise with high-scale load balancing on AWS, including increasing costs, latency issues, and the complexity of managing sprawl. Our solution: consolidating multiple layers into a single high-performance load balancing layer, enhanced by centralized management, monitoring, and automation with HAProxy Fusion Control Plane.

Watch the full presentation below, and learn how HAProxy Fusion and HAProxy Enterprise enable simple and scalable load balancing and security on AWS, ultimately reducing latency and improving operational efficiency.

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