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HAProxy Technologies has provided market-leading load balancing for over 20 years. Our customers use HAProxy Enterprise to achieve the utmost performance, observability, and security. With HAProxy Enterprise, you unlock:

  • Superior Performance

  • Proven and Battle-Tested Solution

  • Infrastructure Efficiency and Cost Savings

  • Advanced Multi-Layered Security

  • Powerful Suite of Add-Ons

  • Authoritative Expert Support

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Best Load Balancer Available.

Good replacement for hardware based load balancers.


Purpose-Built for Kubernetes Ingress

HAProxy delivers intelligent external load balancing, multi-cluster routing, and high-performance ingress for K8s applications. These functions leverage our simplified service discovery using HAProxy Fusion and the Kubernetes API. Retrieve pod IP addresses and active services in a snap, then auto-generate configurations dynamically.

Load balancing & routing solutions for any Kubernetes deployment.


Awesome tool in ingress controller


Simple to use, scalable, outstanding performance and great support.


Industry-Leading Web Application Firewall and DDoS Protection

HAProxy Enterprise WAF inspects requests for malicious payloads allowing you to stop threats before they reach your web application. The WAF provides protection across an organization, even when using a mix of technology stacks and microservices. Simplify your security posture by employing a proxy-level WAF.

Key security features:

  • Intelligent WAF Engine

  • OWASP Core Rule Set (CRS) Compatibility

  • Ultra-Low Latency Threat Detection

  • Non-Signature-Based System Detects Common Attacks (Such as SQLi and XSS) and Zero-Day Threats

  • DDoS Protection and Bot Management

  • Advanced ACLs and Tracking

  • Client Fingerprinting

  • Globally-Distributed ADN, CDN, and WAAP

Market-Leading API Gateway

The power of HAProxy is the perfect match for a gateway into your API architecture. Using HAProxy Enterprise as an entry point to your APIs brings a sophisticated load balancing solution that can stand up to the rigors of a microservices architecture.

Key features:

  • Powerful Balancing Algorithms

  • Flexible Client Routing

  • High-Performance SSL/TLS

  • Advanced Health Checks

  • HAProxy Enterprise WAF, Global Rate Limiting, and Bot Management

  • Observable and Accelerated APIs

To learn more, download our eBook: HAProxy as an API Gateway.

Easy to configure, easy to deploy, robust, consistent, fantastic performance.


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