HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 13.5


To check a real server's availability using an ARP who-has packet, use the following directive:

option arpcheck [interval <seconds>] [timeout <seconds>] [source <ip>] [iface <name>]

This directive takes the following arguments:

interval <seconds> (optional)

Interval between two checks, in seconds (default: 10 seconds)

timeout <seconds> (optional)

Period after which an attempt without a response from the server is considered as failed (default: 3 seconds)

source <ip> (optional)

Source IP to use when performing the check

iface <name> (optional)

Network interface name to use when sending the ARP packet

Check the availability of an NFS server:

director d_nfs
  # ...
  option arpcheck interval 4s timeout 1s
  server nfs1 check
  server nfs2 check


A layer 4 director section is the equivalent of an HAProxy Enterprise layer 7 listen section. It combines a frontend and a backend section in a single section.

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