HAProxy ALOHA Documentation 15.0

Global server load balancing

HAProxy ALOHA can serve as an authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) server in a limited capacity, specifically for implementing global server load balancing (GSLB). This lets you respond to DNS queries with the IP address(es) assigned to a datacenter that is the best match for the end user, such as the one that is geographically closest to them. Or, you can configure DNS to return the address of a secondary datacenter if the primary becomes inaccessible.


Learn about global server load balancing.

Datacenter failover

Enable GSLB failover

DNS round-robin load-balancing

Enable GSLB round-robin load-balancing

Geolocation-based load balancing

Enable geolocation-based GSLB.

Logs and status

View logs and status for GSLB.

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