HAProxy ALOHA Documentation 13.5

L7 Listeners

A listener is part of a service. It defines a port or an "ip:port" couple to listen for incoming TCP connections.

Listeners are identified by a name and the name of the containing service. Allowed characters include alpha-numeric, dot, dash, and underscore.


  • Definition: IP address to listen on

  • Type: ip

  • Default value: Mandatory, no default available.

  • Particular value: to listen on all IP addresses present on load balancer


  • Definition: TCP port to listen on

  • Type: port

  • Default value: Mandatory, no default available.


  • Definition: Enable ssl processing on incoming connections.

  • Type: enum

  • Default value: SSL processing is disabled




SSl processing is enabled


  • Definition: Certificate name used to process SSL on this listener

  • Type: string

  • Default value: SSL processing is disabled


  • Definition: Set the TCP User Timeout for the connections handled by this listener. It corresponds to a period without acknowledgment by a client.

  • Type: integer

  • Default value: 0, means not set


  • Definition: Incoming connections to listener's IP and port are intercepted even if the IP is not present on the load balancer (i. e. a router routes connections to the load balancer).

  • Type: enum

  • Default value: Intercept only connections to IP configured on the load balancer.

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