HAProxy ALOHA Documentation 13.5

L4 Server

This is the real server. All servers contained within the same farm deliver the same service.

Server attributes and options define the way and conditions by which to forward requests to the actual server, as well as its capacity to process requests comparatively to other servers of the same farm.

Servers are identified by a name and the name of the farm that it belongs to. Allowed characters are alpha-numerics, dot, dash, and underscore.


Mandatory, no default available.

  • Definition: Server IP address

  • Type: IP


  • Definition: Port to forward requests to on this server in nat mode or/and port to perform tcp checks if check-port is not configured

  • Type: port

  • Type: Incoming packet destination port is used

  • Particular value: 0 means that destination port of incoming packet is used


  • Definition: Used to adjust the server's weight relative to other servers of the farm. All servers receive a load proportional to their weight relative to the sum of all weights. Hence, the higher the weight, the higher the load. The default weight is 1; and the maximal value is 256. When using this parameter to distribute the load according to server's capacity, it is recommended to start with values that can both grow and shrink, such as between 10 and 100 to leave enough room above and below for later adjustments.

  • Type: integer

  • Type: 1


  • Definition: A sorry server is only used when all sorry servers are not operational (health checks). Only one sorry server is available per L4 farm. A sorry server cannot be checked (heath check).

  • Type: enum

  • Type: server is not a sorry server




current server is a sorry server


  • Definition: Enable health checks on current server to determine if this server is operational.

  • Type: enum

  • Type: server is not checked




current server is checked

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