HAProxy ALOHA Documentation 10.5

Release Notes

New and/or improved features to ALOHA 10.5 include:

  • LDAP support which allows authentication of users against a remote LDAP server on CLI/WUI

  • Configurable access type per user

  • Use of PAM for authentication

  • Upgrade to HAPEE 1.8r2

  • Security:

    • Update to OpenSSL 1.1.1a support for Layer7 SSL offloading

    • Update to OpenSSL 1.0.2q to fix latest CVEs

  • Kernel update to latest 4.9 mainline version

  • PacketShield: Use of hardware acceleration to compute a secure hash for SYN cookies

  • Rework of CPU mapping to support nbproc or nbthread equal to max CPU (setting to half of available CPU still offers the best balanced performances)

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