HAProxy Community vs Enterprise Edition

Compare HAProxy Community Edition with HAPEE Business and Premium Edition

Main FeaturesHAPROXY CommunityHAPEE BusinessHAPEE Premium
Advanced HTTP/TCP Load Balancing and Persistence
Advanced Health Checks
Application Acceleration
Advanced Security
Advanced Administration
HAProxy Core Development Team Support
Backported Features From HAProxy Dev Branch
  • Hitless Reloads/Upgrades
  • Server Templates
High Performance Modules
Specialized Scripts and Tools
Optimized and Supported Third Party Software
Enterprise SuiteHAPROXY CommunityHAPEE BusinessHAPEE Premium
Update Module - ACL, Map and TLS Automatic Updates
Antibot Module - Advanced Application-based DDoS Protection
Fingerprint Module - Bot Detection
Sanitize Module - HTTP Protocol Validation
WAF Offloader Module - Blacklist Based WAF
Advanced Web Application Firewall (beta) - Whitelist Based WAF
Stick Table Agregator (coming soon) - Cluster Wide Tracking
Configuration API (CLI and REST)
Real Time Dashboard (beta)
Supported VRRP and RHI HA Tools
SNMP and Logging Configuration
Tuned System Configuration
SupportHAPROXY CommunityHAPEE BusinessHAPEE Premium
Support Hours 9am - 6pm 24x7
Critical Issue - Target Response Time 8 hours 30 minutes
Moderate Issue - Target Response Time 2 days
Informational Issue - Target Response Time 3 days
Communication E-Mail, phone or web E-Mail, phone or web
Consultative Support
Prompt Maintenance and Updates
Purchase Request Volume Pricing

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