HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 13.0

Cluster Troubleshooting


To find out if csyncd is operational, proceed as follows:

  1. Browse the ALOHA WUI and open the Setup tab.

  2. Look for the Remote Configuration area.

  3. The Current status table reports the synchronization capability of the cluster:

    • A red LED means synchronization does not work

    • An orange LED or a green LED means synchronization is operational

If the LED is red, run the steps below to troubleshoot:

  • Power on both ALOHAs.

  • Check that both ALOHA WUIs listen on the same TCP port and on the same protocol scheme (HTTP or HTTPs).

  • Check that both ALOHAs can ping each other.

  • Verify that csyncd service is started on both ALOHAs, i.e. green LED in the Services tab.

  • Force a csyncd key exchange.