HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.5

Configuring an ALOHA Cluster

The ALOHA cluster is asynchronous. This means that:

  • Each node of a cluster can run a different configuration

  • The configuration is not automatically synchronized between peers

  • Any node of a cluster can push its configuration to another node

  • It is possible to synchronize the complete configuration or per service

It has the following advantages:

  • It can test some configurations on the Slave node

  • An outage due to a bad configuration on the Master is not automatically pushed to the Slave


Bear in mind that it is up to the administrator to trigger a synchronization of configuration.

In order to configure an ALOHA cluster, we need to setup the two following components:

  • csync

    to keep configuration synchronized between the nodes of the cluster

  • vrrp

    to ensure high availability for Virtual IPs

You can configure the cluster either during the Wizard setup or at any time after the ALOHA is in production.

This section explains how to configure a cluster without the wizard.

In our examples, we consider two ALOHA load balancers with the following details:





will be the Master


will be the Slave

Virtual IP

Default Gateway

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