HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.5

Setting Up ALOHA

To set up your ALOHA configuration, you use the Setup tab in the Web user interface, which reports the following information:

  • System

  • License

  • Remote node status in a cluster

It allows the following actions:

  • Manage the local and remote configuration

  • Update the firmware

  • Change local settings

  • Change the date and time

  • Change admin or monitor user credential

  • Handle licenses

Managing the local configuration

The ALOHA is in charge of two versions of its configuration:

  • The running configuration stored in memory

  • The startup configuration read at time of startup

Save the configuration to the flash

By design, configuration changes are applied to the running configuration but are not automatically written to the flash.

  1. Browse the Setup tab.

  2. Locate the Local configuration area.

  3. Click on the "Save" button.


We recommend that you perform this operation after the running configuration is modified and you are satisfied with them.

Managing the remote configuration

This feature is only available when the ALOHA is part of a cluster.

Obtaining the remote configuration status

This only reports the save status on the peer. This does not mean that the peer has the same configuration as the local node.

There are three available statuses:


means the peer's running and startup configurations are the same


means changes are pending in the running configuration, and a save may be required to write them to the startup configuration


local peer was not able to check status on the remote node, either because of configuration issue or network problem. Requires investigation.

Save the configuration on a remote node

  1. Browse the Setup tab.

  2. Locate the Remote configuration area.

  3. Click on the "Save" button.

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