HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.5

Downloading Firmware

The HAProxy Technologies firmware download section is protected by an authentication.

You must send an email to support@haproxy.com to get your download credentials.

Download Firmware

  1. Browse to the following URL: https://www.haproxy.com/download/aloha/

  2. Go into the directory corresponding to the major.minor image you want to download.

  3. Enter your credentials.

  4. Go into the directory corresponding to the latest patch set level available in this minor branch

  5. Download the image corresponding to your ALOHA current model.

Supported Firmware

The table below summarizes the ALOHA firmware versions under maintenance:

Release number

Latest firmware available

Release date

End of support



April 2021

August 2022

12.5 LTS


November 2020

November 2023



February 2020

August 2021

11.5 LTS


November 2019

November 2022

10.5 LTS


November 2018

November 2021


LTS is Long Term Support and maintained for 3 years.

Change Log

A changelog file is available in each Release directory from the Download website.

Next up

Upgrade the Aloha Firmware