HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.5

Configuring Remote Desktop Using a Connection Broker

The main purpose of a connection broker is to reconnect a user to a disconnected session. All session information are stored in a database.

You can use the configuration below when HAProxy Enterprise is deployed in an MS Terminal Services architecture where a connection broker is used to dispatch sessions between TS servers.

To install a connection broker, follow the instructions from MS Technet.


When deploying the service, you must deselect the option called "Use IP Address Redirection", for the configuration to work.

frontend ft_rdp
    mode tcp
    bind name rdp
    timeout client 1h
    log global
    option tcplog
    tcp-request inspect-delay 2s
    tcp-request content accept if RDP_COOKIE
    default_backend bk_rdp

backend bk_rdp
    mode tcp
    balance leastconn
    persist rdp-cookie
    timeout server 1h
    timeout connect 4s
    log global
    option tcplog
    option tcp-check
    tcp-check connect port 3389 ssl
    default-server inter 3s rise 2 fall 3
    server srv01 weight 10 check
    server srv02 weight 10 check

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