HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.5

Resetting password on ALOHA

This section shows you how to reset the ALOHA "admin" password without going though a factory reset.

We also recommend that you reset the "admin" password after you install the ALOHA.

Reset password

  1. Check that you have a working console connection to the ALOHA.

    • If you have a physical ALOHA, then you must connect to the serial port.

    • If you have a virtual ALOHA, then follow the instructions here using the Graphical/Direct console.

  2. Immediately after you switch on the ALOHA, press the "escape" key multiple times to get to the grub menu.

  3. Press e to edit the commands before you boot Image 1.

  4. Select the kernel line and press e again.

  5. Once you can edit the kernel line, do the following:

    • Change tty0 to ttyS0 in the console param

    • Append param


  6. Press Enter to save the configured kernel params and return to the previous menu

  7. Press b to start the image.

  8. Once started, you will be in a hostile environment; hence, you must invoke a shell using /bin/sh.

  9. Proceed in the order below to reset the "admin" password:

    • Mount the system partition (second partition of the compact flash).

    • "Untar" the saved configuration.

    • Remove the shadow file.

    • Recreate the configuration archive again and move it to overwrite the old one.

    • "Umount" the system partition.

    $ sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
    $ sudo cd /tmp
    $ sudo tar xzf /mnt/cfg/config.cur
    $ sudo rm etc/shadow
    $ sudo tar czf config.cur etc/
    $ sudo mv config.cur /mnt/cfg/
    $ sudo umount /mnt
  10. Restart ALOHA.

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